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Angela DiGiaimo

Photo Credit: Anna Moneymaker

I recently graduated from American University with a Bachelors of Arts in public relations and strategic communications and a minor in marketing. Earning my degree has moved me one step closer to my vision of working at an entertainment PR firm in the future.

Other than my studies and professional pursuits, I am an avid reader who has a never ending stack of books to read. I grew up in northern New Jersey in a scouting family, so I enjoy all things outdoors from rock climbing to backpacking. My taste in movies runs from The Godfather to The Princess Bride. I have been fascinated by other cultures for as long as I can remember. This fascination fuels my desire to travel, which I began to satisfy in 2017 when I studied abroad in Rome, Italy. My latest trip has been to Los Angeles, and as I look ahead, I  am looking forward to my next adventure.

Most recently, I have been volunteering for organizations that align with my passions and values. Since September 2018, I volunteered for the 56th New York Film Festival as a talent liaison and for Sprouting Totowa, helping in the garden and online redesigning its website and managing its social media.

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about me and my work through this portfolio. Putting it together has been a labor of love, so I appreciate your time spent here. Cheers!


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